The death of the Long White Cloud Nation!
Latest update in New Zealand race relations between Pakeha and Maori societies has been struck down by the Nationalist government after the Prime Minister John Key refused Ngai Tuhoe traditional rights over the Urewera's as part of their treaty of Waitangi claims/Settlement despite the tribe never signing the treaty in the first place. Why doesn't the Prime Minister think of the detrimental affects this will cause to our societies. Does he not think of the consequences that have fluctuated from this refusal of Maori/Indigenous rights?. During the eighties the Prime Minister at that time was Norman Kirk, a Pakeha man who stood against the unrationalist's of that era and planted his foot firmly into the soil's of race relation, a man who wanted to improve the race relations of Maori and Pakeha societies for the sins of his ancestor's who came here to Aotearoa centuries ago... But now because of this decision that he the current Prime Minister had made affirming his denial of Maori rights, he may have caused the greatest retaliation of Maori against the government ever to be seen by the prying eyes of New Zealanders. Lately in the last twenty years on this patch of earth that we call Aotearoa, there have been great resistances against Pakeha and government's by many Maori tribes. But what John Key doe's not see by his ignorant, uncultured and Pakeha eyes is it might be from this denial of Maori rights, that he may have caused the greatest defeat to his own government. It may be from this refusal of Maori traditional rights that the coming of the next Maori wars, announcing to both Pakeha and Maori that war has indeed resurfaced back from the depths of our fallen ancestor's who fought these war's many, many years ago. If John Key and his Nationalist government continue on their production line of dismantling the work that Norman Kirk had started, a war that the Pakeha will not win and it will be from this end of Pakeha government that the great children of the earth mother, the great tribes of the primitive man from Hawaiki who are called Maori will have finally succeed in what they have wanted since the begginning of colonial times, to live in absolute freedom! Written by Ashley Rawiri/ Tainui Maori.

The Treaty of Waitangi is fraud, which has become waivered and deemed voided due to breaches made by Pakeha representing the Royal family of United Kingdom.

Simple, Maori to respectfully withdraw from said treaty under the established international principle of Inadimplanti Non Est adimplendum, Pacta Sunt Servenda, these two ancient principles were in place at the time of the treaty, a foundation of which can also be found in many European states. These principles are also found in the following documents : The Vienna convention on the law of treaties (1969 and 1986 ) and : The United Nation's international law commission's draft articles on responsibility of states for internationally wrongful acts. Enforcement of these two legal principles are articulated in the United Nations declaration on the rights of Indigenous peoples and in the United Nations study on treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements between States and Indigenous populations.

Due to breaches having been made and if a Iwi chooses not to accept a settlement if it has been proven to be unfair due to cultural alienation and downpression, then a Iwi has a legal and clearly internationally recognizable principle under these two legal and very ancient principles found inside many European states and law, to withdraw from said treaty of Waitangi and to automatically revert back the original state of that Indigenous population having negated said document or treaty has void and un-addressable.
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