Why Maori need to be informed about things!
Why as a people, the Maori not saying anything about the Southern cross cable.

This cable runs from Pakeha ville U.s.a through Australia or terra nullius through to Aotearoa via Fiji.

Is the yanks lead by the cia bio-organic verbal weapon, Barack Obama who is in fact a Kenyan, AFRICAN NOT AFRICAN-AMERICAN spying on us.

There is a reason why Maori want to stay out of this nonsensery and that is plainly, We do not WANT PAKEHA'S TELLING US WHAT TO DO ON OUR LANDS.
The beehive should watch out for the yanks, yeah sure they may want to improve relations with Aotearoa, but they will not impress the Kaumatua's, Kuias, Korouas and Chiefs of the great tribes that are here, this is not even mentioning Kingi Tuheitia. For if any trouble would be aroused from their activities and they landed on our MAORI lands, then it seems people the usa army would not survive as our victory is already guarnteed. Thats not to say we are blaming the yanks for spying on people, or brainwashing people back in vietnam, or use subliminal messaging to seek profit by manipulating people like a disease. MAORI PEOPLE ARE VERY AWARE OF WHAT HAPPENS OUTSIDE OUR FAIR COUNTRY, WE HAVE BEEN TRADING WITH THE AMERICAS SINCE THE FOURTEENTH CENTURY. That is their Kaupapa, their principles and we as a people are fine with that, so long as they dont try that on us, it is all fine, no worries, no hassles, no immediate threats.

Im just saying to America and her civilians, please be aware, do not try this stuff on us, it WILL NOT WORK PERIOD, END OF DISCUSSION.

If the yanks want to do business with Aotearoa, they should first seek permission from Her CHILDREN WHO ARE THE MAORI PEOPLE NOT THE PAKEHAS LEAD BY JOHN KEY AND HIS COLONIAL LAW SYSTEM.

Then we will discuss and seek to if America has Mana, then business will be discussed.

If they make threats to us and try like the Pakeha colonials who tried and ULTIMATELY FAILED TO STEAL OUR LANDS, then it is times that will be changed and America shall plea for forgiveness. Why does everyone think and know why Maori issues were adressed, it twas not because of protests, no. It was because England her royal " Subjects " knew that the Maori people were a threat and still are, due to our vigour in the efforts we take to gain our full possession as Chiefs, and mighty tribes that control our lands, devotion we put in to ensure our voices are heard and by share genes, the seventh gene deemed by the Pakeha scientist as the Warrior gene, that enables Our VOICE AS ONE PEOPLE, THAT WILL NOT STAND AND BE INSULTED IN OUR LANDS BY A FOREIGNER.

This is no way a threat to either United States of America, John Key, Barack Obama, England and her Royal dignitaries or Pakeha, this is just a grim vision that has already begun to unveil and those seeking to stop this anarchy and apocalypse, shall wake up and realise that we the Maori people will continue to rules these lands until the building blocks of life created by Io te KoreKore, shall diminish into a dust like vapour, rejuvenating the land once anew

The Treaty of Waitangi is fraud, which has become waivered and deemed voided due to breaches made by Pakeha representing the Royal family of United Kingdom.

Simple, Maori to respectfully withdraw from said treaty under the established international principle of Inadimplanti Non Est adimplendum, Pacta Sunt Servenda, these two ancient principles were in place at the time of the treaty, a foundation of which can also be found in many European states. These principles are also found in the following documents : The Vienna convention on the law of treaties (1969 and 1986 ) and : The United Nation's international law commission's draft articles on responsibility of states for internationally wrongful acts. Enforcement of these two legal principles are articulated in the United Nations declaration on the rights of Indigenous peoples and in the United Nations study on treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements between States and Indigenous populations.

Due to breaches having been made and if a Iwi chooses not to accept a settlement if it has been proven to be unfair due to cultural alienation and downpression, then a Iwi has a legal and clearly internationally recognizable principle under these two legal and very ancient principles found inside many European states and law, to withdraw from said treaty of Waitangi and to automatically revert back the original state of that Indigenous population having negated said document or treaty has void and un-addressable.
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