The proposal of domestic nations within New Zealand!
Many of you out there may not know me and what i represent, i am Maori of Tainui descent.

Now what i propose if i do decide to run as an list electorate in New Zealand is the idea of republics or domestic nations within a nation.

Similar to what Amerindians currently have.

I believe this a vital issue that needs to be adressed, sure Waitangi Tribunal deal with past injustices, but i know in the heart of many everyday Maori like i, is that Money cannot replace a Mountain, nor a tree or the forefather of a Maori who has lived in this place on a certain date here, with the implications the Pakeha have induced first and foremostly by their increasing recklessness as the years went by from 1814 to the times of now, i believe and propose is a redress that will finalise everything once and for all.

For the state to recognise Maori owned lands as interdependently yet peaceful domestic nations that are self governing.

For the proposal of deeming all domestic Maori nations as Te Aotearoa, the original Maori name that was implied to Aotearoa by Maori Ancestors years and years and years ago.

For all Pakeha and " Kiwi's " to be reffered to as New Zealanders that live in New Zealand.

For the term Aotearoans to be applied for all Maori that stay in their domestic yet foreign tribal nations and any other Maori who choose to live in New Zealand.

For inter-governmental meetings to be attended to by local body politicians and Iwi nations Chiefs, King's and presidents stating affairs between each Iwi Nation and the New Zealand Government, that way the head of State who is Queen Elizabeth the 2 i think pardon if i maybe incorrect still has peaceful affairs between Nation leaders and on behalf of herself and her people or Royal subjects and two for the reason of creating Race relations a better stand point then it is currently at which is lets face it, repulsive beyond thought. It also gives the New Zealand government a chance to express their own personal thoughts and policies and how they may affect Iwi Nations.

For the promotion of Iwi or Tribes to be recognized as states, for in the Treaty of Waitangi, hereby dubbed T.O.W, it has stated in this treaty that all prestige and sovereignty to be guarded under this treaty. By allowing Iwi to become recognised as nations and for the geographical mapping of Aotearoa/new Zealand to recognise Iwi Nations as independent nations, this relieves some mistakes that Pakeha have made by violating the terms under the treaty in the past 150+ years and in turn both parties can come to an accord. This is not going to be easy but is highly plausible. This way as well can generate income for both Aotearoans and New Zealanders through the tourism industries.

As part of a pre sovereigncy treaty or resolutions, some form of economic compensation to be made out to Iwi nations, this way Iwi dont have to be dependent on the New Zealand government when it comes to economy as Iwi now have the Ability to create their own economy and can further improve the Iwi nation through various markets and industries that can now be generated from this money.

For the current currency used in both North and South islands of the New Zealand state to be also used by Iwi Nations, this way when Iwi Nations trade lets say resources with the New Zealand government, their is no dependency on a foreign market conversion, and so their is no rates to convert foreign domestic money into domestic money, trade will be fair yet profitable for both New Zealanders and Aotearoans.

To base the current laws as a guide for the fabrication of Iwi laws in their own lands that make up their Nations, this way Maori who do not live in their Iwi Nation/s can live in New Zealand state under their law system.

For current Maori services, governments and politcians to remain in N.Z state uder their constitutions, this enables better race relations for both Iwi Nations citizen Maori and Maori who live in N.Z state, also tries to strengthen the bonds that Pakeha and Maori have broken, a sort of inter-national partnership for the greater good of both the Iwi Nation people and the average Kiwi, New Zealander.

These are a few policies that i will and shall propose should i still choose to run as electorate for this years elections, it is not a easy path but is a path of redemption for both Maori and Pakeha alike, as one treaty has failed and is doing no results since it was created, it is about time that these islands we call N.Z to be resolved with partnership building, understanding ourselves and the people who have never left here, the proud and great Maori people.

The Treaty of Waitangi is fraud, which has become waivered and deemed voided due to breaches made by Pakeha representing the Royal family of United Kingdom.

Simple, Maori to respectfully withdraw from said treaty under the established international principle of Inadimplanti Non Est adimplendum, Pacta Sunt Servenda, these two ancient principles were in place at the time of the treaty, a foundation of which can also be found in many European states. These principles are also found in the following documents : The Vienna convention on the law of treaties (1969 and 1986 ) and : The United Nation's international law commission's draft articles on responsibility of states for internationally wrongful acts. Enforcement of these two legal principles are articulated in the United Nations declaration on the rights of Indigenous peoples and in the United Nations study on treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements between States and Indigenous populations.

Due to breaches having been made and if a Iwi chooses not to accept a settlement if it has been proven to be unfair due to cultural alienation and downpression, then a Iwi has a legal and clearly internationally recognizable principle under these two legal and very ancient principles found inside many European states and law, to withdraw from said treaty of Waitangi and to automatically revert back the original state of that Indigenous population having negated said document or treaty has void and un-addressable.
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